Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Words I Like

Word Count: 34,647

That's right, I'm copping out today and reverting to vocabulary. Give me a break, I need to focus on le WIP for a bit. So without further ado, I bring you what hopefully, for your sakes, won't be a regular feature:


whilst: I don't know why we don't get to use this word more. Probably because people look at you funny, but I love this word. I intend to use "whilst" whilst writing and speaking more often.

frenetic: We've been over this one already, but it's AWESOME.

occupied: I don't know why. I deal with this word a lot at work, but I still like it.

In that same vein, oculus: How COOL is oculus? An eye to the sky at the apex of a dome in a building? Sah-weet!

onomatopoeia: It's a mouthful, AND a writing word!

oak: Lots of words that start with "o" on here. I'm not hatin' on the rest of the alphabet, I swear. This is probably my favorite type of tree as a word, though I can't stand the ones we have here in real life. Ugly dead-looking things, ugh. But anyway, there you have it. Oak.

indubitably: Indubitably, "indubitably" is a fun word to say and use. On the same level as "whilst."

And last, but certainly not least, how could I forget my favorite made-up words?

meese: While I didn't technically come up with this, I plan to use it often. In conversation. Yes, even if it means I stand out as a stranger. Go Alaska. :)

Alliterati: The Alliterati should tell me in the comments below what their favorite words are. Bane, I already gotcha for corybantic, got any others? I always want to learn new fun and cool words :)


  1. "Copacetic" is my favorite word. It's fun to say (so are the names of the Jewish holidays, IMO), and I actually know how to use it correctly!

  2. I'm at a loss at the moment. I can't wait to read everyone else's, though.

  3. Note: these are words I rarely use (really, only iniquitous), but they are lots of fun.

    Sententious, casuistic, iniquitous, apotheosis, marmoreal (this might be my top favorite)... other ones that I can't recall at the moments

  4. I'm an onomatopoeia fan, not just the word but of the opportunity to make up new words. :)

  5. For some reason I can only think of words I hate like secretion and boutonnière.

  6. Matt: How does one use copacetic correctly? Just curious if I've been doin' it wrong :)

    Susan: Hopefully you found some you like!

    Bane: All good ones. I'm a big fan of Greek-based words, myself.

    Strange: I LOVE legit excuses to make up words!!!

    Natalie: Ha, I was thinking about doing a "Words I Hate" post, but that would be too much, methinks. I dislike those, as well :)

  7. I love so many words, I'm not sure where to start... or end.

    I'm a big fan of onomatopoeia, too. And I've always liked balderdash, behemoth, incidently, pastoral, and swimmingly. And obviously I'm a fan of the words I used in Mad Libs, namely indubitably, viscera, serendipity, and meander.

  8. I almost did a post on onomatophobia but how do you ask people to tell you which words they fear? I mean if they truly had a phobia they wouldn't be able to bring themselves to divulge the word, would they?

  9. Lackadaisical and gubernatorial are fun words to say. I managed to work lackadaisical into my WIP. Yay!

  10. "Everything's copacetic," "It's all copacetic," etc.

    Sometimes I use the word by itself. It communicates the attitude so much better than "all right" does.

  11. Laura: Those are all fantabulous! (Do I get to use a made-up word to praise your list of awesome real words?)

    Strange: LOL. I think you should anyway. With an audio accompaniment of the sound of crickets chirping. Or a video of a tumbleweed. It's comedy gold, I tell you!

    Stephanie: I like those, also! As a CA girl, I am particularly fond of "the Governator." And "gubernatorial" is as close of a real word to that as there comes!

    Matt: So the song IS right, then. I'm glad, I was mostly wondering if they were using it wrong and therefore, so had I been, all these years :)