Friday, December 4, 2009

Patience Is A Virtue, Day #4-- Because It's Worth It, and Mad Libs Words Day

Sorry, I don't have a cute animal pic today :( Not even of my kittens!

Oh, wait, I might:

Here you go! This is my bunny, when she was but a mere 8 weeks old, at my office, with a box on her ears. Yeah, weird, I know. It was cute. So I took a picture. Then promptly removed the box. Sorry it's all fuzzy-- cell phone cameras not so good at capturing adorable memories. Bah.

Her name is HopScotch. Her predecessor, my dearly departed bunny, was named Barley Hops. I have a thing for pun names. At least when it comes to bunnies.

Well, now that I've scared all of you away, let me get back to my message for the day:

Have patience with your writing because it's worth it. It really is, no matter the outcome. You'll better yourself as a person just having tried, whether you make the bestseller list and become the Next Big Thing, or if everything you write stays a secret from the world, a little personal treasure box you can open any time but don't want to share. Learning to write, to craft words above and beyond college papers, is a noble aspiration, and one that will stay with you always. It is, like learning a musical instrument, or a new language, or eating hazelnuts (unless you're allergic), or figure-skating (unless you're me), something that will enrich your life for the rest of your days to come. So take a little pressure off yourself and write, no matter how the stars will align for you. Because you are strong enough to withstand critique and rejection. Because you love it. Because you want it. And because it's worth it.

Also, hey, look at that, it's Friday!! Why don't we celebrate with some Mad Libs?

To play along this week you'll need the following:

Plural Noun
Plural Noun
Verb ending in -ing

It's noun-heavy, so make sure you catch them all.


  1. Looks like she's got cheese cubes on her ears. Very cute.

    Adjective - effete
    Noun - rooster
    Noun - bat-eared fox
    Adjective - prickly
    Noun - baobab tree
    Noun - homunculus
    Verb - squat
    Year - 2424
    Plural Noun - frogs
    Plural Noun - ground squirrels
    Noun - suricate (i.e., meerkat)
    Noun - sahel
    Noun - plague
    Verb ending in -ing - suffering

  2. Bane-- bunnies are cute personified. Erm, bunnonified? Either way, they're CUTE.

    I didn't think of cheese cubes before, haha... also, your mad lib promises to be tres interessant.

  3. Why do you torture me with fuzzy animal pictures!? :) And thank you for reminding me to have patience... much needed nudge.

    Adjective- tattered
    Noun- tongue
    Noun- toothpick
    Adjective- black
    Noun- money
    Noun- pickle
    Verb- dash
    Year- 1932
    Plural Noun- toes
    Plural Noun- cookies
    Noun- gargoyle
    Noun- beer
    Noun- earmuff
    Verb ending in -ing- tickling

  4. L.T. thanks for the patience series! It's really painting a picture for me that soothes the doubts.

    When I stop coughing up my lungs I'll get back to work!

  5. Valerie-- don't worry, I don't post them often :)

    Tamika-- I'm hoping recovery comes to you on swift wings. I hate being sick or otherwise indisposed!

  6. adorable bunny. Good message - I needed it. Now for the fun:

    adjective: angry
    noun: piano
    noun: phone
    adjective: ugly
    noun - desk
    noun - cactus plant
    verb - cry
    year - 3010
    plural noun - tears
    plural noun - skyscrapers
    noun: monkey
    noun: diaper
    verb: wrestling

  7. Mary-- thanks :)

    You're missing an noun, can you leave me another one?

  8. I was at a bookstore today and a woman wanted to buy a book for her fourteen year old, but she didn't want something paranormal. The book store clerk couldn't find anything. In honor of angsty teenage paranormal drama, here are my words:

    Adjective- horrific
    Noun- boyfriend
    Noun- vampire
    Adjective- clumsy
    Noun- angst
    Noun- prom
    Verb- kiss
    Year- 1994
    Plural Noun- designated drivers
    Plural Noun- cliffs
    Noun- party
    Noun- textbook
    Noun- friend
    Verb ending in -ing - slapping

  9. Wendy: those are some great words!

  10. I've enjoyed the patience series this week. It's going to come in handy! And as my three-year-old is begging for me to help her with art I'm just going to enjoy everyone else's madlibs on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Adjective - sulky
    Noun - koala
    Noun - chocolate
    Adjective - paunchy
    Noun - goblet
    Noun - book
    Verb - strutted
    Year - 1968
    Plural Noun - galoshes
    Plural Noun - laptops
    Noun - school bus
    Noun - bedspread
    Noun - mailbox
    Verb ending in -ing - singing

    I was so bummed to miss this last week. Yay! ;-)

  12. Coming in good and late (my time at least).

    Adjective - brisk
    Noun - wallaby
    Noun - raspberry
    Adjective - thick
    Noun - potato
    Noun - pie
    Verb - swagger
    Year - 1567
    Plural Noun - berets
    Plural Noun - thingummies
    Noun - computadora
    Noun - wallet
    Noun - theatre
    Verb ending in -ing - kicking

  13. Inspiring advice as always, L.T. Patience is indeed a virtue - whether you're writing or waiting for teawater to boil or, for that matter, waiting for your kitty to finish her business so you clean out her litter box.

    As for your bunny, she's super-cute, though, as Bane said, I thought she had cheese on her ears until you explained. Hehe. Oh, and I like her name, btw. You could always name a future bunny "Hoppin' Mad" or "Hippity Hop" or, well, I could go on and on... but for your sake, I won't.

    On to the Mad Libs! In honor of NEW MOON (which Wendy seemed to channel, too), here are my words:

    Adjective: sparkling
    Noun: vampire
    Noun: teenager
    Adjective: bloodsucking
    Noun: creature
    Noun: forest
    Verb: transform
    Year: 1901
    Plural Noun: presents
    Plural Noun: werewolves
    Noun: daredevil
    Noun: cliff diving
    Noun: sports car
    Verb ending in -ing: pining

  14. Too tired to do Mad Libs, but I love this post. Patience is definitely worth it. Some days, I'm not so sure, but on the good days, I'm jumping up and down. You know what I mean?

  15. Sorry. That's so "you can clean out her litter box." Darn late-night typing.