Friday, October 2, 2009

Mad Libs!!!!

To play this week, you'll need:

Plural Noun
Club or Society
Fantasy World
Second Fantasy World
Verb ending in -ed
Last Name
Verb ending in -ing
City, Real or Fictional

Results on Monday!


  1. Adverb -- swimmingly
    Noun -- tree
    Plural Noun -- moose
    Club or Society -- Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Association
    Fantasy World -- Shannara
    Second Fantasy World -- Discworld
    Verb ending in -ed -- hanged
    Noun -- car
    Last Name -- Smith-Jones
    Verb ending in -ing -- laughing
    City, Real or Fictional -- Ankh-Morpork

  2. Adverb -- rapaciously
    Noun -- reef
    Plural Noun -- jugs
    Club or Society -- Hairclub for Men
    Fantasy World -- Hollywood
    Second Fantasy World -- Elenia
    Verb ending in -ed -- wittered
    Noun -- toothbrush
    Last Name -- Jenkins
    Verb ending in -ing -- mincing
    City, Real or Fictional -- Timbuktu

    Fun ;)

  3. Adverb -- Stealthily
    Noun -- Window
    Plural Noun -- feet
    Club or Society -- Electric Writers
    Fantasy World -- Centaury
    Second Fantasy World -- Tritonia
    Verb ending in -ed -- rummaged
    Noun -- Jet
    Last Name -- Picaflor
    Verb ending in -ing -- banging
    City, Real or Fictional -- New Aires

  4. Adverb- laboriously
    Noun- Ghandi
    Plural Noun- cats
    Club or Society- Sierra Club
    Fantasy World- Splatopia
    Second Fantasy World- Galamazoo
    Verb ending in -ed- hopped
    Noun- tomato
    Last Name- Tudor
    Verb ending in -ing- catapulting
    City, Real or Fictional- Cairo

  5. Adverb: Copiously
    Noun: Insect
    Plural Noun: Sheep
    Club or Society: American Kennel Clu
    Fantasy World: Narnia
    Second Fantasy World: Prydain
    Verb ending in -ed: sloshed
    Noun: book
    Last Name: Belfleur
    Verb ending in -ing: wasting
    City, Real or Fictional: Denver

  6. Ooh, Mad Libs, what fun! I've never played before. Can a newbie participate, too?

    Adverb: indubitably
    Noun: phenomenon
    Plural Noun: viscera
    Club or Society: The Knights Templar
    Fantasy World: Magic Kingdom of Landover
    Second Fantasy World: Middle-earth
    Verb ending in -ed: deveined
    Noun: serendipity
    Last Name: Bucket
    Verb ending in -ing: meandering
    City, Real or Fictional: Gotham City

  7. Laura- Of course! And I like your selection of Landover :)

  8. Adverb: three-quarters
    Noun: Plastic
    Plural Noun: Wigs
    Club or Society: The Society of the Alliterati
    Fantasy World: Legoland
    Second Fantasy World: Wayne’s World
    Verb ending in –ed: Begged
    Noun: Plague
    Last Name: Golightly
    Verb ending in –ing: Begging
    City, Real or Fictional: Springfield