Friday, October 9, 2009

There Is A Giant Fly In My Office. Thanks NASA.

Word Count: 39,763

I wish I was kidding. The thing is approximately the size of a WWII bomber. And I'm totally blaming it on NASA bombing the moon this morning.

Oh, and I totally dropped this yesterday: Do

It fell out of the title of my post, and I'm sorry, dear Alliterati, that you had to suffer through my badly-proofread title in your feeds all day yesterday. The damage has been repaired, and your eyes are spared. (Hey! Accidental Poetry!)

Anyway, I am going to keep this short today as I don't have any brilliant ideas and I kinda wrote a "novel" about characterization yesterday. I want to say thank you to everyone who commented since I didn't get to respond yet, and apologize to Matt, for once again, I did not get to your query. I swear, if you don't hear from me tonight or tomorrow morning, you can e-silent treatment me and I'll completely understand. And for the rest of you, if for some reason you don't already follow Matt, head on over to his blog, or the Public Query Slushpile and take a look at his query for CALLARION AT NIGHT and offer some feedback!

On to Other Things: Susan R. Mills (formerly Lazy Writer) has a really good interview up at her blog today about online presences and marketing. I think the first question she asks is just stellar information that everyone should know. So check it out!

And last, but certainly not least: You all know what day it is. MAD LIBS!!!!!!

Ok, so normally I take the top article on and make the mad lib from that, but the top article right now is actually pretty cool in my humble opinion, so I'm going to take something a little more---parodical? paradiocal? parody-able?--- instead. So, are you ready?

If you want to play this week, this is what you'll need to leave in the comments:

Adjective ending in -ness
Adjective ending in -ness
Living Thing
Adjective ending in -er
Plural Noun
Gaseous Element
Adjective ending in -ed


  1. First, thanks for the shout out!

    Second, my mad lib words. I love mad lib day.

    Adjective ending in -ness-laziness
    Adjective ending in -ness-hapiness
    Living Thing-tree
    Adjective ending in -er-whiter
    Plural Noun-dogs
    Gaseous Element-smog
    Adjective ending in -ed-blackened

  2. Hey, I completely get that you're busy. No worries about when you get to the query.

    On to the MadLibs!

    Liquid -- Diet Coke
    Adjective ending in -ness -- viciousness
    Adjective ending in -ness -- nervousness
    Verb -- running
    Living Thing -- dog
    Location -- Callarion
    Adjective ending in -er -- taller
    Plural Noun -- books
    Gaseous Element -- helium
    Noun -- Rocket man
    Adverb -- deliciously
    Adjective ending in -ed -- purpled

  3. Oh, and remember ... blog plugs forgive most everything.

  4. I'm gonna be making up words for some of these :)

    Liquid - Moonwater
    Adjective ending in -ness - Spaceness
    Adjective ending in -ness - Worshipfulness
    Verb - Drip
    Living Thing - Bigfoot
    Location - Olympus Mons
    Adjective ending in -er - shorter
    Plural Noun - Smegheads
    Gaseous Element - Argon
    Noun - Plonker
    Adverb - Fabricatiously
    Adjective ending in -ed - Marooned

  5. Tequila

  6. Yay for Mad Libs Day! I'm immersed in Civil War stuff lately, so here goes!

    Liquid- Civil War mud puddle
    Adjective ending in -ness- creepiness
    Adjective ending in -ness- bloodiness
    Verb- charge
    Living Thing- horse
    Location- Gettysburg
    Adjective ending in -er- bloodier
    Plural Noun- soldiers
    Gaseous Element- decomposition gasses
    Noun- rebel yell
    Adverb- angrily
    Adjective ending in -ed curdled

  7. I know Susan - Hi susan. What a small web world we live in. I will check out Matt's blog soon.

    A game - how fun

    Liquid - soup
    Adjective ending in -ness - vagueness
    Adjective ending in -ness - whyisthisonheretwiceness
    Verb - gutted
    Living Thing - Me
    Location - over there
    Adjective ending in -er - stiffer
    Plural Noun - deer
    Gaseous Element - helium
    Noun - you
    Adverb - costly
    Adjective ending in -ed - soaked

  8. Susan-- no prob :) Thanks for the interesting interview!

    Matt-- I'm glad it's that easy ;)

    Bane-- 'Round these parts, made up words are as good as them real words everyone's on about.

    Jenna-- Welcome, and it really is, isn't it?

    To everyone-- can't wait to see how these turn out Monday :) If you haven't had the chance to add your words yet, no worries. Go ahead and add them anyway.

  9. Three cheers for Mad Libs day! Although I personally would've loved to participate in a Mad Libs version of the Obama Nobel prize article. Too funny!

    Here are my words:

    Liquid: antifreeze
    Adjective ending in -ness: lucidness
    Adjective ending in -ness: handiness
    Verb: wander
    Living Thing: cockroach
    Location: Mammoth Cave
    Adjective ending in -er: wittier
    Plural Noun: sheep
    Gaseous Element: neon
    Noun: sidewalk
    Adverb: incredulously
    Adjective ending in -ed: weathered

  10. Liquid: vinegar
    Adjective ending in –ness: dampness
    Adjective ending in –ness: spiciness
    Verb: jabber
    Living Thing: groundhog
    Location: Paris
    Adjective ending in –er: sweeter
    Plural Noun: lands
    Gaseous Element: chlorine
    Noun: juke-box
    Adverb: merrily
    Adjective ending in –ed: soured