About Me

Hello! And welcome, to my About Me page!

I'm a biology and animal behavior geek. I LURVE AMINALS and want to hug them all. Being a zookeeper is pretty cool because I get to work with a lot of different animals and sometimes, I get to hug them. Last year, I shifted gears and moved from the zoo to... my own private zoo. My husband and I bought a horse ranch, and I'm slowly adding other animals to spice things up a bit. It was hard to leave my zoo animals and coworkers behind, but I'm thinking of this as the next step, not a change in direction.

I used to be a penguin keeper. That was cool. I hugged them a lot. Also a killer whale that one time. Now I focus on land animals but still have part of my heart in the sea.

I'm also a bit of a renaissance woman. If there's a creative hobby, I've probably tried it. I have an entire room in my house devoted to crafty/ artistic pursuits, and have taught myself to play, in order of proficiency, piano, guitar/violin. I actually put guitar and violin together because, it turns out, I am TERRIBLE at string instruments. Sigh.

My husband and I met during my independent I-don't-need-a-man phase. I met him, of all places, in a beginning auto-mechanics class, because I didn't need a man and could change my own damn oil. Of course, I promptly found a man. But that's beyond the point. Interestingly enough, the college where we met is also where he proposed, and where we got married.

I have a horse. She's basically a giant dog. I also have a couple of absolutely insane cats that I'm pretty sure regularly take parkour lessons and/ or large amounts of uppers late at night. They are thinly tolerated by my poor, adorable, patient, sweet rabbit.

I write. A lot. And usually pretty fast. Not because I like to brag that I write fast, or anything, but because there's this awesome part of my brain that grabs a story and then won't let it go til it's all out of my head. As a result I am basically glued to my computer til whatever I'm working on is done. My husband LOVES that. It gives him plenty of time to play WoW.

So now you know. I exist, I do things, I write, I love stuff. Cool? Cool.

Represented by Sara Megibow of the KT Literary Agency.


  1. This was so well-written, honest, and funny. I am going to follow you on Twitter. Congrats on your Pitchwars success. I am tweeting @danmalossi.