Friday, October 2, 2009

The Art of Blogging

Word Count: 32,140

1.- Come up with TOTALLY ORIGINAL! and NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! idea for blog post.
2.- Spend hours crafting delicately.
3.- Get frustrated and delete.
4.- Spend 15 minutes writing down whatever comes into your head on brilliant topic.
5.- Publish post.
6.- Await accolades.
7.- Whilst awaiting accolades, peruse other blogs and comment.
8.- Find at least two other instances of/ references to/ blog posts about TOTALLY ORIGINAL! and NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! idea, usually by bloggers who are much smarter and more capable than you, and whom, by the way, if they had only taken 15 minutes to write their post, would
still have a brilliant basis for a doctoral dissertation on the topic.
9.- Take down blog post.
10.- Blame post disappearance on hamsters/ gremlins/ similar.
11.- Write TOTALLY ORIGINAL SATIRE! and NEVER BEEN DONE THIS SARCASTICALLY BEFORE! blog post extolling how everyone else already has the same ideas you do.
12.- Await accolades.

. . .

. . .

Well, crap.


  1. That's funny, L.T. It does feel that way, doesn't it?

  2. In the world of blogging as an art, mine is an etch-a-sketch. I am feeling your pain.

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  4. Matt- thanks for that site. I'm going to spend a lot more time there than working on my WIP this weekend, I can tell.

    Susan- It does, but it's ok. It's that whole nothing is really original scenario. Sometimes the timing is just so eerie, though...

    Renee- You're doin' just fine :)

  5. LOL!!

    That is all.

    Oh crap, that's been done?!

    Seriously, I hear you, my desktop is littered with aborted posts. I've come to the conclusion though that we're all reading basically the same material day in and day out so it would actually be much stranger if we weren't thinking along the same lines. I enjoy seeing the various POV's and slants on all topics so really, we should just roll with whatever comes to mind.

    The world would be insanely biased if the major news providers avoided stories that had already 'been done'. That's all :)