Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm "using" these to "make a point" and Mad Libs Words Day

So Matt Delman of Free the Princess "fame" has "egged" me on to using "unnecessary quotes" today. Hope you're "happy", Matt.

But actually, that "leads" me into a topic. Punctuation. It's like the "stylistic" brush of writers. We "use" certain punctuation as a form of "personal expression" when we write. There can be both "intentional" and "unintentional" stylistic uses, and I tend to "think" that they are based on the way we use speech in our real lives.

Me for example, I "have" a tendency to overuse "semi-colons", for some "reason". I think this is because when I talk in "normal" conversation, I pause a lot. Semi-colons in my "writing" "represent" the same kinds of pausing and sentence structure I "use" when I'm speaking.

It's just the way my "thoughts" run. Of course there are the "grammatically correct" ways of using punctuation, but these "rules" can-- and often are-- "broken" by writers. (By the way, I also "tend" to use em-dashing a lot).

Anyway, "moving on", here are your Mad Libs "Words" for the day. Leave your answers in the "comments" by Sunday evening and I'll post the results "Monday".

Last Name
Plural Noun
Town or city, real or fictional
"Plural Noun"

What punctuation do you tend to "abuse"?


  1. Adverb -- Cuttingly
    Last Name -- Crabapple
    Plural Noun -- Stevedores
    Adjective -- black
    Town or city, real or fictional -- Shin-yua
    "Plural Noun" -- "oranges"
    Noun -- rain
    Noun -- car
    Adjective -- tall
    Adverb -- swimmingly

    I tend to abuse the comma and em-dash a lot myself.


  2. I like to abuse dashes. A lot. I have to go back through first drafts and kill them.

    Adverb: Quickly
    Last Name: Kruschev
    Plural Noun: hydrogen bombs
    Adjective: loud
    Town or city, real or fictional: Minsk
    "Plural Noun": explosions
    Noun: turtle
    Noun: bomb shelter
    Adjective: black
    Adverb: quietly

  3. I used to be a semi-colon, em-dash splasher, but not so much anymore (so far I've got 2 ; in 18 k -- makes me happy :).

    Adverb - uglily (yes, that's made up)
    Last Name - Fooker
    Plural Noun - ninjas
    Adjective - specious
    Town or city, real or fictional - Deluth
    "Plural Noun" - "crimes"
    Noun - trumpet
    Noun - flag
    Adjective - scarred
    Adverb - scantily

  4. I abuse commas and parenthesis. I do love those run on sentences.

    This is my first attempt at mad libs.
    Adverb -- starkly
    Last Name -- Tremain
    Plural Noun -- butlers
    Adjective -- hot
    Town or city, real or fictional -- Podunk
    "Plural Noun" -- trains
    Noun -- seat
    Noun -- bar
    Adjective -- rare
    Adverb -- creepily


  5. Hello! Oh dear, I sometimes assault my writing with armies of commas. Not too long ago, I wrote a sentence with 8 of them, lol...

    My 7 yr old adores mad libs. :)

    Adverb - gloomily
    Last Name - Stout
    Plural noun - enemies
    Adjective - slight
    Town or city - Princeton
    "Plural noun" - "funds"
    Noun - peacock
    Noun - tophat
    Adjective - upbeat
    Adverb - stealthily

    Fun! Looking forward to seeing the text :)