Friday, February 26, 2010

Made it. Oh, and Mad l.ibs Words Day

I'm back! From the past! Into the future! Well, technically present, now the past...

Anyway, there's a good reason I don't write sci-fi. Specifically sci-fi about time travel. Not my thang, yo. I get all sorts of confused when time does anything other than move along a straight, narrow path.

I survived the last two days, and after today I get two days *to myself*. Whoa. Awesome. They should do that at the end of every week, how awesome would that be?

(You may be able to tell I have reached the state of exhaustion that I like to call Deliriously Silly. Please bear with me as I slap myself back to normal, there are Mad Libs Words today, I promise).

Sooooooo... I've run out of things to say. LOTS to talk about next week, though! Here you go; if you want to play along this week please leave each of the following in the comments. Lots of nouns, make sure you Pokemon those guys. (Catch 'em all, if you didn't get the reference).

Plural Noun

Have a great end of the week-- week's-end-- week-end?


  1. Noun - baseball
    Adjective - studly
    Plural Noun - ballplayers
    Noun - fangirl
    Noun - drool
    Adverb - luckily
    Noun - television
    Noun - moose
    Noun - husband

  2. Noun -- pillowcase
    Adjective -- blue
    Plural Noun -- wallabies
    Noun -- sheet
    Noun -- pillow
    Adverb -- sharply
    Noun -- blanket
    Noun -- mattress
    Noun -- bed

  3. I avoid time travel, too, except when I don't :)

    Noun - mutt
    Adjective - stinky
    Plural Noun - corvettes
    Noun - detective
    Noun - speaker
    Adverb - juicily
    Noun - joke
    Noun - shrubbery
    Noun - knight

  4. Noun - rattlesnake
    Adjective - inflationary
    Plural Noun - reptiles
    Noun - physicist
    Noun - farmer
    Adverb - disproportionately
    Noun - cosmonaut
    Noun - pitchfork
    Noun - sunbeam

    Enjoy your weekend L.T.!

  5. Noun: Bed
    Adjective: Comfy
    Plural Noun: Bedbugs
    Noun: Slippers
    Noun: Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    Adverb: Sleepily
    Noun: Monkey
    Noun: Quilt
    Noun: Pajamas

  6. Whoa. I just went back up and read the other entries. I think Matt and I are on some weird wavelength. Or we're both really, really tired!