Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Week-- Day 4-- Share the Love and Mad Libs Words Day

I've been writing this week about love. Obviously. Love in our writing, mostly. But V-Day is quickly approaching (holy cow it's two days away!) so I just wanted to share some of the love I'm feeling right now with all of you.

I love blogging! I love my blogging friends. Yes, you. I love you. *sniff*. I won't even throw a drunken ", man!" on there. I just love you.

Share some love this week with someone that means a lot to you! You guys/gals mean a lot to me.

If you want to play along with Mad Libs this week, please leave the following in the comments by Monday evening. Answers will be posted on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday! Woooo!

Verb ending in -ed


  1. Adjective - pink
    Profession - nanny
    Adjective - old
    Science - biology
    City - Walla Walla
    Noun - baseball
    Verb ending in -ed - targeted
    Adjective - fast

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Adjective -- chartreuse
    Profession -- chimneysweep
    Adjective -- verdigris
    Science -- alchemy
    City -- Chin-Yua
    Noun -- Baseketball
    Verb ending in -ed -- jumped
    Adjective -- azure

    And thanks for not adding the ", man" to the end of that. That particular trope is nicely played out.

  3. Love mad libs. :)

    Adjective - nambypamby
    Profession - monkey trainer
    Adjective - ludicrous
    Science - Zoology
    City - Scaggsville
    Noun - curmudgeon
    Verb ending in -ed - thwacked
    Adjective - befuddled

  4. L.T. we're getting dangerously close to breaking into another round of Kumbaya, man. But I can live with that. Happy VDay to you and WF!

    Adjective- lovelorn
    Profession- matchmaker
    Adjective- romantic
    Science- shagology
    City- Venice
    Noun- Adonis
    Verb ending in -ed- foozled
    Adjective- slapdash

  5. I want to play; I'm just not that up on my adjectives and verbs. Or the rules of this game. I'll keep watching though; I'm bound to figure it out.

    Happy V-day to everyone here. I've seen most of y'all on other blogs too, and LT, this is such a cool place to visit.


  6. Donna-- you make a good point. I think I'll do a Mad-Libs Instruction post in the very near future!

  7. I love blogging too. I've been too busy to get to it lately though. This must change!