Friday, March 5, 2010

JOIN US and Mad Libs Words Day

So, on Monday I announced that the Secret Archives of the Alliterati will be launching on Monday, March 15th. We need guest bloggers for every Friday, and while we've already had enough responses to carry us into May, we want more! (A special thank you to those of you who have already expressed your interest). If you'd be interested in a semi-regular feature or just a one-time post, email us at alliteratiarchives[at]gmail[dot]com to tell us a little bit about what you'd want to write about. We are looking for all sorts of posts! Either way, be sure to follow our new adventure.

On to this week's Mad Libs Words. They're noun-heavy again, so be sure to pick them all up:

Plural Noun
Verb ending in -ing
Plural noun
Plural noun


  1. Plural Noun - daffodils
    Noun - pillow
    Noun - owl
    Noun - minivan
    Verb ending in -ing - kissing
    Occupation - teacher
    Plural noun - baseballs
    Plural noun - clouds
    Adverb - happily

  2. Plural Noun ~ children
    Noun ~ napkin
    Noun ~ couch
    Noun ~ laptop
    Verb ending in -ing ~ dreaming
    Occupation ~ Programmer
    Plural noun ~ dogs
    Plural noun ~ dreams
    Adverb ~ Always

  3. Plural Noun - skeletons
    Noun - closet
    Noun - package
    Noun - chocolate
    Verb ending in -ing - mutating
    Occupation - surgeon
    Plural noun - alligators
    Plural noun - crocodiles
    Adverb - frantically

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Grr ... missed this post on Friday.

    In my defense, I was too focused on dealing with helping my wife pick up her new car and going to the DMV to switch her old car into my name. Big headache.

  5. I'm really looking forward to March 15th. What a great idea you smart people came up with.