Friday, March 12, 2010

T.G.I.F. and Mad Libs Words Day

Thank. Goodness. *Gasps*

*Crawls on shore, wearing bedraggled clothes, soot staining half of face, hair sticking out at odd angles*

Made it to another weekend. Anyone else relieved it's Friday?

Oooh! Ooooh! Me! I am!

Wait. I already showed that. Now I'm telling. Dangit, I can't wait til I have time to write again. I'm getting worn out. Used up. Out of practice. Cliche.

It... *is* Friday, right? I'm not stuck in some sort of sick, infinite loop, am I?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Don't forget-- The Secret Archives of the Alliterati launches on Monday (and yes! We are still looking for guest bloggers. Email us at alliteratiarchives[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested). See you all there! And here. But mostly there.

Here are the Mad Libs words for this week. For a breif treatyse on how to play, go visit this post.

Plural noun
Adverb (ends in -ly)
Last Name

Leave your answers in the comments by Sunday evening and I'll post the results Monday.


  1. Hurray for mad libs! I'm so addicted to this, L.T. :-)

    Occupation - ballplayer
    Emotion - ecstatic
    Adjective - hard
    Plural noun - fields
    Adverb (ends in -ly) - smoothly
    Noun - bed
    Last Name - Swisher
    Noun - beer

  2. Occupation Farmer
    Emotion disgust
    Adjective lanky
    Plural noun sunglasses
    Adverb (ends in -ly) merrily
    Noun cable
    Last Name Butterman
    Noun egg

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Occupation -- Wallaby herder
    Emotion -- sadness
    Adjective -- brown
    Plural noun -- wallabies
    Adverb (ends in -ly) -- swimmingly
    Noun -- rancher
    Last Name -- Carnarvon
    Noun -- ranchhand

  4. Love your literary self-portrait :D

    Occupation- fortune-teller
    Emotion- mystified
    Adjective- turbid
    Plural noun- techies
    Adverb (ends in -ly)- secretively
    Noun- lottery
    Last Name- Devine
    Noun- jackpot

    My word verification is "verseho" :D

  5. Sorry you had such a rough week - I'm glad it's the weekend too.
    Yay for Madlibs.

    occupation - roadkill worker
    emotion - trepidation
    adjective - tawdry
    plural noun - fungi
    adverb - scrumptiously
    noun - fence
    last name - Rodriguez
    noun - laundry basket