Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Factual Shark Week: FORKS!!!!

So since Discovery has, er, jumped the shark with Shark Week this year, I decided I'd do a Factual Shark Week of my own and take it back to its roots: educational fun to make people excited about sharks and show that they aren't mysterious monsters.

And I thought I'd take it here on the blog by talking about the most awesomest part of sharks: their teeth.

Shark teeth come in many shapes and sizes, but for our purposes there are four kinds. Today we're talking about fork teeth.

Fork teeth look like this:

Basically, if you're a shark who eats smaller fish, you're going to want fork teeth.

Fork teeth help small fish eaters catch their dinner in two ways. The first way is by acting like our dinner forks: STABBY STABBY STABBY. The second way is by acting like a net when the shark's mouth is closed, preventing small fish from swimming right back out the way they came in.

So! There you have it. One variety of shark teeth down, three to go.


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