Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Community Service, or, why I hate myself

To be fair, the title's misleading. I don't *really* hate myself. I just enjoy making it look like I do. And I'm not doing court-ordered community service, either. Just the usual hey, look, I'm not busy enough already planning my less-than-four-month away wedding so hows about I go and volunteer at not one, not two, but THREE new places?

Yeah, I'm insane.

Plus a friend of mine is looking to buy her first house, so I've been busy with that. (I am one of those slimy real estate agents, in case you didn't know-- but I just carry the card, I don't work at it for a living).

Then of course there's all the stuff that five months ago sounded like great ideas to make myself for the wedding that now seem like ideas from Hades itself to actually do.

And last of all is the writing. And last last of all is the blogging.

I'm so close to knocking out a first draft of the mystery I'm working on that it's insane, and yet, I'm spinning my wheels. Mostly because I dread the ginormous amount of work I'll have to do after the first draft is done-- adding subplots and expanding sections-- but I'm looking forward to it, too. I just know how much work it's going to be, and I'm thinking, do I really want to start THAT right now?

So what does this mean? It means I am going to be a whiny, sporadic blogger (here, at least) at best-- until after the wedding. I love you guys (*sniff), and I wouldn't be here, doing this, if it weren't for you. Don't think I don't care-- I Just. Don't. Have. The. Time. And since I don't have any exciting news to share, I don't have much to
say either. However, buck up, chums-- you can still find me at the Archives every Monday, and maybe I'll share some of my other, un-writerly-related adventures here in the meantime.

Also also: to everyone-- I am READING all of your posts, my apologies if I am not commenting on all of them.

Bear with me. You know I'll be back, with a vengeance! :)


  1. I am totally with you - my empathy is yours! Please forgive my absence here lately. You know I love you and your blog. Summer is such a busy time! Like you, I'm struggling to keep up with it all. :-)

  2. I know what you mean. Since summer hit, I'm lucky I'm even home let alone on the computer.