Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Word Count: 85,090 (Oh dear, it's going backwards.)

I spent last night sleeping in the front seat of my car out at my ranch, waking up every 45 minutes or so to my apparently correctly-installed auto-mommy-alarm to check on my horse. I was too scared to leave; too afraid of what I would come back to if I did. She seemed to have a slightly improved appetite this morning, and was drinking a little, but she's still super dehydrated and I'm going to lose her if she doesn't start drinking more today. I feel hungover; finally fell asleep at midnight and was wide awake at five for the second day in a row, and I am definitely the" need at least 8 hours" kind of person, so that, plus waking up all night, is taking its toll on my brain and body. If none of this is coherent, that's why.

At any rate, this is a writing blog, not a horse blog, so I'll stay on topic now:

I picked this layout, because it's cleverly called "Scribe" and I didn't feel like bothering to create my own when I started my blog, but I've now noticed that a lot of writers also have the same layout. This is not a bad thing because it's an awesome layout, and I love it, but I want something of my own now (though maybe today isn't the best day to try; I'll probably end up with neon something or other on accident that will be impossible and/ or hurt to read.) So anyway, how the heck do I make my own layout? I can't seem to find it anywhere on my dashboard, but again--- lack of sleep. Help?


  1. Good to hear Gypsy's hopefully on the mend. Though I don't know too much about horses, my uncle was a horse trainer for several years and I'm very familiar w/ COPD (through my wife's profession) --it sounds like a very tense and delicate situation... hopefully it'll work out for the best.

    As far as layouts go, you can go to 'Customize' at the top of your blog and then go to 'Layout' Tab and then choose the 'Pick New Template' subtab... now, this will allow you to choose from Blogger's stock templates.

    If you want something a bit less common, you can use other layouts created by people. This link will connect you to lots and lots of ones that provide instructions on how to create your own (which I was busy doing last night - and may end up doing again).

    There are 2 issues dealing with these custom ones:

    1.) they may have some things on there that you don't want

    2.) some/all of your widgets might be removed.

    The 2nd issue isn't too big -- you just have to redo the removed widgets.

    The 1st issue is fine to deal with if you're somewhat familiar w/ programming/HTML, b/c then you can go to the code and remove the undesired components.

    Now, if you're a super duper programmer, you could actually create your own unique template, but this would take lots of time (though you could plunder code from other examples).

    Let me know if you need further guidance (I'm by no means an expert, but I can do the basic stuff and lots of the widgets/templates come w/ good and usually simple instructions)

  2. Thanks Bane! I'm only a wee bit HTML savvy so I'll have to stick to one someone else has done, but that link helps a lot. :)

    We'll see how she's doing when I go check on her on my lunch this afternoon. I'm nervous about her not drinking. :/

  3. It's all thanks to the link you gave me!

    I have to admit, I'm trying to be clever again... this one's called "Inkstain." Still my favorite anyway, but I thought that was amusing.