Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New in the Badly Drawn Cartoon Series: Vending Machines

My gift to you, my people. Click to embiggen:


  1. hahaha! Is that for real?! because if so, I might become a little bit afraid of them too.

  2. It is indeed a true fact! Statistically (potentially excluding the last year, which was rather shark-attack heavy), you are more likely to be killed by a falling vending machine, killed by a pig, or struck by lightning--twice-- than you are of even being bitten by a shark, let alone killed by one.

    Unless, of course, they are waiting around the corner with a knife. Then all bets are off.

    P.S.-- thank you :)

  3. KILLED BY A PIG, too?! Ahahahaa. That is an AWESOME Factoid. Who gets killed by pigs anymore?!

  4. This is xkcd-level awesome. That is a high compliment, Madame.