Question: Why don't you post more pictures of baby animals?
Answer: Uh, hm. This is a tricky one. Long story short, I really love my job. Believe me when I say I really, really wish I could post ALL THE BABIES. But my job has a strict social media policy and I don't want to risk my employment, even to share the joy of baby animals. 

Question: What zoo did you work for?
Answer: Well, for similar reasons to above, I won't ever say for sure. Sorry! 

Question: What exactly did you do there?
Answer: That's a long one. This post explains it all pretty nicely.

Question: How can I get a job like the one you had?
Answer: Also a long one. Here's another helpful post for you. 

Question: You're really awkward, you know that?
Answer: That wasn't really a question. Cut it out with the cute "this is really an interview even though I'm just talking to myself" stuff, okay? Okay. Now get back on track. And be nice. 

Question: Your hair looks funny today.
Answer: I said be nice!

Question: We're out of FAQs, aren't we?
Answer: Yeah, I think we are. 

You know where to find me if you want more. Wickedmoon921 at gmail. 

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